Sea Kayaking and Diving Camp

Epic sea adventure, both above and below water, with our sea kayaking and diving expeditions on Espiritu Santo Island.

Celebrate life by having a feast amidst the native flora and fauna of Espiritu Santo Island, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. This aquatic adventure will be packed with a hearty variety of water sports. Enjoy the rocky reefs around Espiritu Santo and Cerralvo Island, and get ready for a close encounter with their spectacular aquatic wildlife – sea lions, tons of fish, invertebrates and, in season, if we are lucky enough, hammer head sharks and giant mantas! We will spend our days diving the beautiful waters off Espiritu Santo Island, while at the time, attempting to circumnavigate the island by sea kayak. At this time of the year, the water should still be warm, and the island still green from the monsoons, so it is a wonderful time to visit.

Avid sea kayakers, hop into a kayak and enjoy paddling in beautiful protected coves and colorful reefs. Feel like walking? We can hike the desert trails with their unique protected animals and plants. Feel like relaxing for a bit? Sit on the beach and admire the sunset while you drink a refreshing margarita, all of this enlivened by amazing Mexican meals to pair with the local Baja California wine selection.

Our days will take on a predictable rhythm at our base camp. Base camp consists of safari-style tents, with comfortable cots and pillows to sleep on, where we serve warm meals. It will be your home away from home. Every day, we rise with the Sun for some coffee and some quiet time before breakfast. Then we head off to the adventure of the day – swimming with whale sharks or sea lions; diving the reefs, wrecks and deep blue sea; or kayaking along the turquoise blue waters. We usually take a lunch along, and only return to camp after wrapping up for the day. At camp, there are Sun showers so you can take a warm rinse, followed by a happy hour (typically consisting of something like margaritas and ceviche, or piña colada and pop corn). After a warm dinner, we are off to bed early, to repeat it all the next day.

13 days on the island allows for a wonderfully thorough and leisurely exploration of all Espíritu Santo Island has to offer. She will not disappoint. As the days go by, you´ll realize Baja has become part of you.

Trip Details


  • Two hotel nights in La Paz
  • Nine comfortable nights camping on the beautiful Espiritu Santo Island
  • Transfers La Paz-Espiritu Santo Island-La Paz
  • All meals and drinks from breakfast on day two through dinner on day twelve
  • Camping and recreational equipment on the island (only sea kayaking equipment included)
  • Two to three dive tanks everyday for four days
  • Conservation passport

Does Not Include

Airfare, taxis, meals and other expenses while not on the island

Direct Reservation

Online Reservation

*Please, before booking online, contact our office in La Paz regarding weather conditions and availability.

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